GPP Sim v5.1 User Guide

GPP Sim v5.1 is programmable to unlock all GSM iPhone 4S in the world. It is default to unlock USA AT&T iPhone 4S. For iPhone 4S from other carriers, a special sim card (GPP base sim) is provided to help programming. One special note, all action below needs to be performed within 10 seconds from the first time menu, because iPhone 4S will deactivate if an unsupported carrier sim is inside for too long. Now lets start,

-          Identify GPP Sim (the yellow thin sim patch with black dot) and GPP Base sim (looks like regular micro sim), GPP Sim tray.

-          Put GPP Sim with Base sim into iPhone 4S using GPP Sim tray. Turn iPhone 4S on.

-          Wait up to 30 seconds until the screen below show up and finish the next step within 10 SECONDS. If after 30 seconds the screen still does not show up, please restart iPhone.

 GPP Sim iPhone 4S Unlock Carrier Selection Menu

-          Match iPhone 4S carrier with country and carrier name. If country and carrier appears on the list, then choose it and there will be a pop up message, this means success! Turn off iPhone immediately and GPP Sim is ready to be used with your own sim card.

-          If your country and carrier is not listed here but listed on our web page

Select the top entry “Other Carrier” and enter the corresponding code. Once you see the confirmation message, turn off iPhone 4S immediately and GPP Sim is ready to use with the sim card of your choice.

-          If your country and carrier are not listed in previous two steps. Then don’t worry, GPP Sim can be programmed dynamically. First prepare an original sim for the iPhone 4s. For example, if you are using iPhone 4S from carrier ABC, you need a sim card from ABC. Select “Catch Mode” from the menu and immediately get the sim card out and put GPP Sim with the ABC sim together into iPhone 4S. Once the confirmation message pop up, it means success. Turn off iPhone 4S immediately, there is no need to click accept. GPP Sim is now ready to be used with sim card of your choice.


Trouble shooting:

How to set APN for internet?

Please check out

Why the first time unlocking takes so long?

The very first time unlocking takes about 30~60 seconds, this is normal. Thank you for being patient, unlock iPhone 4S is not that easy. But good news is that from 2nd time onwards, it is much quicker.


Why instead of getting the success message popup, the setting up menu appears again?

Code was entered or captured too slow, please try again and finish within 10 seconds.


iPhone entered deacitivated state, what do I do?

Remove sim card, iPhone will be activated, try again.


After setting carrier, iPhone is deactivated, what do I do?

Either wrong code was entered or operation was too slow, please try again.


Success message never pop up, why?

Please restart iPhone and try again.

Success message popped up, but after restarting iPhone, it only displays no service.

Please wait 60 seconds. If it is still the case, please go to setting->carrier and turn off automatic mode. Choose the carrier manually afterwards. If it is still not working, please reboot iPhone 4S.